Folk AS’s policy on equality and non-discrimination

Our goal:

Folk AS shall work actively and purposefully to promote equality and prevent discrimination and harassment.

To achieve the goal, we must:

  • Comply with the “Act on Equality and the Prohibition of Discrimination”, with a focus on promoting equality and prohibiting discrimination and harassment.
    The ban applies due to: gender, pregnancy, maternity or adoption leave, care duties, ethnicity (including national origin, skin color and language), religion, outlook on life, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, political opinion, membership in unions
  • Ensure that it applies to the entire employment relationship – from the position is advertised until it has ended.
  • Do not discriminate against applicants, employees or hired employees, without objective, legal reason.
  • Incorporate good routines for everyone in our administration, and continuously work with a focus on improvement through non-conformance reporting.
  • Assess the results of our work on gender equality and non-discrimination by examining whether there is a risk of discrimination or other obstacles to gender equality, analyzing findings and implementing appropriate measures.