Folk AS is very concerned about HES, ethics and QA.
We expect everyone to act in accordance with, and adhere to, limitations specified by laws, regulations, and international conventions.
Our core values are: ethical, personal, engaged and flexible.




The top-level management of Folk AS has the absolute and final responsibility for HES work in Folk AS, and shall spare no effort in the ongoing efforts to improve our HES.

New Folk AS employees shall be informed of and instructed in the company’s HES policy on commencement. Any changes in the company’s HES policy shall be notified throughout the organisation in writing.

All involved parties shall be informed of the key HES elements in Folk AS’ HES policy on commencement.
Folk AS is committed to ensuring that all employees have a safe workplace when carrying out their tasks.
All employees are required to confirm with their signature that they have made themselves familiar with Folk AS’ HES policy
All employees are required to confirm with their signature that they have made themselves familiar with the Principal’s HES policy.

HES objectives

Folk AS shall ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, with a working environment typified by respect, well-being and good work routines.
We shall prevent fatality, accidents and injuries and damage to health, the environment, materials and equipment, both internally and outside the company’s activities.

Folk AS’ activities shall have the minimum possible impact on the external environment.

How these objectives shall be achieved

Establish a positive HES culture within the organisation.
Motivate each other to think health, the environment and safety when carrying out our tasks.
Good routines and updated instructions and procedures.
Ensure that the necessary resources are available.



Our customers and co-operating partners shall be aware that FOLK AS is synonymous with focus on ethics, first class service and a high standard of professional service.

We shall supply the desired services at the agreed time, price and quality.

All our employees have the required and necessary expertise, knowledge and skills to carry out the tasks they are required to perform.

FOLK AS has established and adheres to a Quality System based on NS- EN ISO 9001:2008.

FOLK AS is Achilles qualified.



Folk AS imposes high ethical standards on all employees, as well as the Board of Directors, consultants and sub-suppliers who carry out tasks for or on behalf of Folk AS, as well as all others who act on behalf of Folk AS.

Folk AS shall maintain maximum focus on ethics and quality in all we do – both in our relationships with our employees internally and externally, sub-suppliers, customers, suppliers, public bodies and society at large.

Folk AS’ key values are: ethical, personal, engaged and flexible.

Folk AS is led and works in accordance with

  • Our values
  • Ethical guidelines
  • Laws, regulations and international conventions.

Folk AS shall communicate all business-related information in a clear and concise manner.